Kinsahiya-Japanese Cuisine^^

Thanks to my housemate for bringing me to this Japanese restaurant~

Seriously, the food is considered good and obviously the price is pretty expensive too!!




I heart the ‘Steam Egg with Unagi on it’ which on the top left~

Apparently, the texture is smooth enough that you do not have to chew it!!



Of course, I will visit this restaurant again in the near future^^

Happy Weekends, everyone^^

Kundasang War Memorial [6]

The last pic of my memorable Kundasang War Memorial trip^^

As you can see, that’s the mesmerizing view of Kundasang!!!

Super like the cold weather there and wish to be there again one day with my dearest family^^

Thanks for viewing & God bless^^

Kundasang War Memorial [5]

Hmm.. does this view look familar in one of the Disney’s movie called Hercules??

Yes, it looks like the amazing architecture in Egypt

but I just could not recall the name of it~

Can any1 tell me?



If you wanna witness youself of such architecture,

you do not need to go Eygpt as you can find in Sabah too!!!

Kundasang War Memorial [4]

The Borneo Garden^^

Ain’t it look familiar which you could see such garden deco.around you?

Yes, we are a part of Borneo and that’s the reason why~

Kundasang War Memorial [3]

The English Garden^^

Another great spot in Kundasang War Memorial~

Kundasang War Memorial [2]

The Australian Garden^^

One of the great spots in Kundasang War Memorial^^

Kundasang War Memorial [1]

Thanks to my dearest cousin & nieces

who accompanied me to Kundasang War Memorial^^

After staying in Sabah for more than 20 years,

I never step my foot into this memory land~

Thanks God that I got the opportunity to witness it^^

Do stay tune for more pics in the next post^^

Sweet nonsense^^

When I was tidying my stuff in KL last December,

I found this note which written

by my beloved besties (Joanne & Agnes) during our Uni’s time^^

Luckily, I found this book and it reminded me

those crazy moments that I had with them!!

Never thought that are so good in writing those nonsense ^^


I’ve started to miss them already :(,

wish that both of them stay happily all the time^^

Truly beauty!

These plants are planted by my parents^^

Aren’t they look amazing??

Between, did you spot the super LONG TALL cactus??

It was planted by my late daddy many years ago~

I think it’s almost 8 years old!!!

Not sure whether it will grow any taller or not,

Well, I wish so~

So that it will be stated in the Malaysia Book of Records! 😛

Miss you guys, my dear Kent’s mates^^

Took this pic during the farewell party with my beloved Kent’s mates!!!

Too bad that I didn’t manage to camwhore with every1 of them~

Though we can’t meet each other often,

but I believe all of us will stay happily & healthily always!!

Take care my dear mates till we meet again!!

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